Help Us Continue to Donate PPE to Ontario Front Line Healthcare Workers

Our team has hit some big milestones recently – we are nearly at 2,500 donated face shields, and our team has grown to over 90 volunteers! We are now several weeks into this project. It has involved a lot of learning, a lot of collaboration, and a fair share of late nights working on our design and infrastructure. But most of all, this initiative has been about community – our tight-knit community of volunteers, the greater community and all the good you are doing to support the frontlines and stop the spread of COVID-19, and of course, the health care community that has been bravely fighting to protect us. 

We are committed to continuing to protect these brave workers. Our volunteers have put in countless hours to make these efforts possible, and though we definitely have the spirit and people-power to keep our initiative going, we are in need of more donations.

With nearly 60 3D printers running around the clock we are going through filament ( plastic ) at an alarming rate. At the moment we have to order over $1000 of filament every 2 weeks to keep production going. We’re nearing the end of our funds and with our requests still growing we desperately need your help to continue to produce PPE for our health care workers who need protection.

Each shield costs roughly $3 in plastic to print, so with a $30 donation, you can personally provide protection to 10 heroic health care workers on the frontlines.

Please consider making a donation to our cause. Every little bit helps! You can also help us spread the word by sharing this post using the social media links below.