Mackenzie Health

50 Face Shields to a Covid Unit in Richmond Hill

It’s been a week since our first delivery and things have really grown. We now have 35 amazing volunteers, all over the Greater Toronto Area, 3D Printing and donating the parts for our Face Shields. We’ve purchased 1.5 km of elastic band, are now producing 200 completed Face Shields per week and have requests for over 1000!

We’ve partnered with NewMakeIt and the Newmarket Public Library to increase production and collaborate on methods to produce Face Shields more quickly. The Newmarket Public Library has purchased a metric ton of clear PET plastic. That’s enough for 20,000 visors! NewMakeIt is working on a very quick to produce design that is perfect for reception staff and other non-direct-contact Health Care Workers.

Based on feedback we received from Front Line Health Care Workers we have created a cover to seal the opening at the top of the Face Shield. We’ve modified the width of the visor to increase coverage of the users face and exposed skin as well as reduced the print time significantly by decreasing the length and height of the model while keeping enough for comfort.

Today’s delivery was for 50 Face Shields to a Covid unit in Richmond Hill. These workers are on the front lines in the fight against Covid-19 and we were honored to be able to help. Next week we look to an even bigger order as calls have come in from another Covid unit battling an outbreak in the Oshawa area. They currently have the most intubated patients in all of Ontario and 300 workers there need our help.

We are actively searching for volunteers to join our effort. We currently have need for individuals who are able to 3D print parts in PLA or PETG plastic. Click here to join the fight

If you’d like to help but can’t 3D print, consider donating. Each Face Shield costs roughly $3 to produce. For $30 you could personally supply 10 workers with the protection they desperately need. Click here to donate.