Trillium Health Partners

The Ontario PPE Collective is Born!

It’s been quite a journey to get to this point, with huge support from our many donors, volunteers and business partners we have been able to get our production facility up and running at Stem Minds in Aurora. Our outreach campaign on Facebook has been tremendously successful and we already have requests for over 800 Face Shields from Health Care Workers at over 20 institutions across the GTA! We’ve also raised over $3000 to order materials to fill these requests and have begun to recruit volunteers to help produce as many Face Shields as possible.

We’ve been searching for and comparing many different open source 3D printed face shield designs. Unfortunately, the cost for private lab testing has stopped all of the not for profit efforts from reaching a Health Canada approved designation. We are actively looking for an Open Source Health Canada approved model and should one become available we remain poised to switch production to that model. We have also applied for a grant which would help us push our current model through testing.

We decided to go with the widely accepted model by because of the level of protection, possible variability in materials, ease of modification, and comfort after prolonged use. We’re dropping off our first batch today!

Our first delivery is 10 units to a triage unit in Mississauga. We’re already getting extremely useful feedback from the staff there and are making updates and changes to better suit real world use.

We are actively searching for volunteers to join our effort. We currently have need for individuals who are able to 3D print parts in PLA or PETG plastic. Click here to join the fight

If you’d like to help but can’t 3D print, consider donating. Each Face Shield costs roughly $3 to produce. For $30 you could personally supply 10 workers with the protection they desperately need. Click here to donate.