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We are a Collective of Makers in the Greater Toronto Area Creating and Donating PPE to Ontario's Front Line Health Care Workers.

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Request Face Shields Join the Fight Donate

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Health Care Workers

Thank you for standing up and protecting us all in our time of greatest need. Your efforts will be remembered for years to come as stories for our children of bravery and solidarity. We are proud of you and eternally grateful.

Face Shields

Prusa / OPPEC Shield

We are currently producing the Prusa model Face Shield using our extended network of 3D printers and laser cutters. This design is not Health Canada approved. We are actively seeking an Open Source Health Canada Approved design and will switch production the moment one is available. We are confident in the protection provided by this model as long as it is used in conjunction with all other appropriate PPE.

The Headband and lower reinforcement parts are printed using PLA or PETG.

We are supplying visors in Acrylic or PETG materials which are safe to be cleaned using Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Hypochlorite.

Apple Shield

We are also producing the Apple shield in large quanities at the NewMakeIt production facility. Because the Apple model consists of only clear PET plastic and elastic, we are able to produce this model at a rate of 100 units per day.

This allows us to meet demand and help essential workers protect themselves in many fields.
This design is not Health Canada approved.

We are supplying visors in PETG clear plastic which are safe to be cleaned using Hydrogen Peroxide or Sodium Hypochlorite.

Face Masks

Because 3D printed parts are not fluid barriers we cannot assume that they prevent particle transmission therefore we are not offering 3D printed face masks at this time. We are actively monitoring efforts by several groups that are working with Health Canada to look at options. We will update this page as new information arises.

Face Shield Sanitization Process

All of our Face Shields are sanitized prior to delivery at our Intake and Sanitization Facility at Hollingsworth Arena in Newmarket.

Our Face Shields are subject to a 20 minute soak in 800-1000ppm Sodium Hypochlorite solution before being air dried and packaged for delivery.

All volunteers at the Hollingsworth facility are wearing PPE and are separated by station to avoid cross-contamination from pre to post sanitized parts.

Request Face Shields:

Please read above for information about the Face Shields, the options and the process we undertake to sanitize outgoing PPE.

We have received a large number of requests for Face Shields, many of whom do not currently have one and are working in a front line setting. We ask that you request one per staff member for the time being and we will address replacement visors as soon as possible.

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Join the Fight 3D Printers/Makers Needed

We are currently producing a modified Open Source Prusa Design Face Shield

We have requests for over 6200 Face Shields from Front Line Health Care Workers at over 20 institutions across the Greater Toronto Area. PPE is extremely limited during this crisis and some health care workers are left with no protection. It's our mission to get PPE into their hands as quickly as possible.

Volunteer 3D Print:

Is your printer collecting dust? Don't have time to change prints? Loan us your 3D printer for the time being and we'll get it back to you as soon as you need it.

We will contact you shortly with print assignment, please wait to receive an assignment before beginning to print.

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Volunteer Other:

Don't have a 3D printer? There are other ways you can help! We are looking for volunteers to help with Fundraising, Outreach to Health Care Practices that might need PPE and Pickup & Delivery Drivers. If you can help please let us know!

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